Towards Intelligent Notification of Urban Hazards

With the prevalence of smartphones, pedestrians and joggers today often walk or run while listening to music. Since they are deprived of their auditory senses that would have provided important cues to dangers, they are at a much greater risk of being hit by cars or other vehicles. As the number of pedestrians involved in vehicular accidents increases with each year, factors to mitigate and reduce the number of pedestrian-vehicle traffic accidents become increasingly important.

PAWS is a wearable system that uses multi-channel audio sensors embedded in a headset to help detect and locate cars from their honks, engine and tire noises, and warn pedestrians of imminent dangers of approaching cars to reduce the amount of pedestrian-related traffic accidents.

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This project is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1704899, 1704469, and 1704914.